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Graduate from a university with a degree in General Medicine or Pediatrics. Receive an accreditation sheet with a diploma by passing test tasks, an exam and passing an interview with a special commission consisting of doctors of sciences and professors. This will give the right to work independently at an outpatient or outpatient appointment.

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In the process of work, doctors are awarded qualifying points confirming accreditation: for carrying out complex manipulations, participation in scientific and practical conferences and seminars, for the publication of scientific articles, books, and the defense of a dissertation. Every 5 years, these points are summed up and order ivermectin by the accreditation committee. If a sufficient number of points is scored, then for the next five years you can work in your specialty further.

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In the absence of a sufficient number of points, the doctor is deprived of the right to treat. Learn more about cancellation of internship and accreditation.

The growth of professionalism, knowledge and experience of the doctor is usually reflected by the qualification category. All categories are assigned by the qualification commission in the presence of the doctor himself, based on his written research work containing a description of skills and knowledge. Terms of assignment: more than 3 years of experience - the second category; more than 7 years - the first; more than 10 years - the highest.

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Scientific activity also contributes to career and professional ivermectin growth - writing candidate and doctoral dissertations, publications in medical journals, speaking at conferences and congresses.

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The obstetrician must be responsible, collected and kind, because his work is connected with the birth of a person. An obstetrician earns from 30 to 125 thousand rubles a month. Specialists of the highest category receive significantly more young doctors and, moreover, paramedics. According to our estimates, the average salary of a paramedic-obstetrician is about 18,000 rubles a month.

Children's Health

The highest salary is in federal multidisciplinary perinatal centers equipped with modern equipment, performing high-tech medical manipulations, surgical interventions, conducting scientific and educational activities.

In addition to higher education, there are a number of short-term studies on the market, usually from a week to a year.

The Medical University of Innovation and Development invites you to take ivermectin distance courses for retraining or advanced training in the direction of "Midwifery" with the receipt of a diploma or state certificate. Training lasts from 16 to 2700 hours, depending on the program and your level of training.

We have trained over 8,000 graduates from nearly 200 cities. You can undergo training as an external student, get an interest-free installment plan.


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